Spray Tan

ST.Tropez & Morrocan Spray Tans

St. Tropez Classic:

The St. Tropez classic tan is a more of a natural tan. It develops from the melanin in your skin with a green pigment in the solution to stop the tan going orange. Leave on for 8 hours to fully develop then wash off with warm water and pat yourself dry leaving you with a natural looking, golden tan that lasts for days.


St. Tropez Express:

St. Tropez’s most advanced formula with 3 shades in 1 and control over the colour you want. Leave on for 1 hour for a light glow, 2 hours for a medium tan or 3 hours for a dark bronze. Express tan is perfect for all skin types and is streak free.

Wash the express tan off after your desired amount of time with warm water and allow 8 hours after washing it off for the colour to fully develop and last for days.


St. Tropez Dark:

St. Tropez dark tan is the darkest and longest-lasting. Like the classic tan, it develops over 8 hours, however dark tan has higher levels of DHA, meaning the tan develops around 5 shades darker than classic. Once washed off in warm water and patted down, dark tan leaves you with a deep, streak free glow that lasts for days and gives you the appearance of being on holiday for two weeks.


Moroccan Tan:

Moroccan nights by Moroccan Tan achieves the deepest and darkest exotic tan with added moisture and firming technology for a longer lasting spray tan. Moroccan tan is violet based meaning no orange tones and it is fast drying, meaning no streaks. It is perfect for those with an olive complexion and anyone who wants to be that bit dark. Wash off after 4-6 hours with warm water and pat dry for a gorgeous looking tan.


Tan Prep & Maintenance:

Ensure you have showered, exfoliated and shaved before coming for your spray tan and wear black baggy clothes. After your spray tan, don’t participate in any physical activity and when you do shower, pat yourself dry, do not rub and if you want, you can leave on over-night.